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WA State and Local Races NEED YOU!

Welcome to our Local Elections Team! We focus on Washington State elections. Our members review and evaluate candidates and identify those who will make a difference in our neighborhoods and communities at all levels, from school board to Governor. We then identify candidates where

Please note: NSP does not endorse candidates, we SUPPORT candidates. What’s the difference? An endorsement means little unless it’s backed up by actions. When our members agree to support a candidate they follow up by canvassing, phone banking, writing postcards, donating, text banking, or taking other actions to support the election of that candidate.





Postcards: Check our NSP postcard team page or our friends at Postcards4WA

Phone banking: Check our Actions page or the candidate websites (click on a candidate photo and go!).

Canvassing: Check our Actions page or the candidate websites (click on a candidate photo and go!).

Emily Randall
Emily RandallState Senate, 26th LD
Re-elect Senator Randall! Website: Facebook: EmilyRandallWA Campaign events:
Lisa Callan
Lisa CallanState Rep, 5th LD
Re-elect Rep Callan! Website: Facebook: electlisacallan
Claire Wilson
Claire WilsonState Senate, 30th LD
Re-elect Senator Wilson! Website: Facebook: ClaireforSenate Campaign events:
Bill Ramos
Bill RamosState Rep, 5th LD
Re-elect Rep Ramos! Website: Facebook: voteramos
Dr. Kim Schrier
Dr. Kim SchrierUS Rep, WA-08
Re-elect Rep. Schrier! Website: Facebook: DrKimSchrier Campaign events:
Sharon Shewmake
Sharon ShewmakeState Senate, 42nd LD
Elect Sharon to Senate! Website: Facebook: VoteSharonShewmake

How does NSP decide whether to support a candidate?

The NSP membership meets regularly and evaluates a wide variety of criteria ranging from our perception of the candidate to whether the support of our small but determined volunteer team can make a real difference in the contest. We recognize that although time and resources of our volunteers are finite we can make a real difference by working as a small, well-organized team.

Are you a candidate who would like NSP support?

We are a small team and we have largely completed our candidate selections for the 2022 primary season. However, we are always interested to learn why our support of your candidacy would make a real difference- please contact our organizers to learn more.

Time to Get Active is NOW

Upcoming Events

Oct 2 2022 Monthly Action Meeting

October 2 @ 2:45 pm - 5:00 pm PDT

Universal Health Care Commission Meeting

October 14 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm PDT

Oct 2022 NSP Organizing Team Meeting

October 18 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm PDT

Nov 13 2022 Monthly Action Meeting

November 13 @ 2:45 pm - 5:00 pm PST

Take Action – Local Elections

Canvass for Dr. Kim Schrier

Canvass for Dr. Kim Schrier, CD-8! Join the DCCC canvass for Dr. Kim Schrier in Issaquah! Canvasses launch at 9am and noon [...]

Re-Elect Bill Ramos!

Representative Bill Ramos has walked the walk for us- let's do some walking for him! We've got our literature and turf set [...]

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