• Being housed is essential to health and healing.

  • Wealth disparity is the root cause of lack of being housed.

  • To reduce the wealth disparity the richest among us need to pay a larger share of taxes than at present.

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Housing affordability issues threaten each of us.

Our children and grandchildren are inheriting a metro area where housing options are unaffordable to them. This is partially due to investors buying up houses and apartments and raising the price of that housing. Newer workers, even new doctors and nurses, cannot afford to live in our metro area. Those of us who choose to continue living here because we want to stay in close proximity to our jobs, businesses, and families may continue to find less and less affordable residential options.

Addressing housing through local and state legislation continues to be a huge challenge. The state of WA Legislature failed to pass a comprehensive housing bill. We must elect legislators who will prioritize creating additional affordable housing and stabilize housing costs.
Ask your candidates for state Senator and state representative how they plan to address our local and regional housing needs.

Recent Victories

  • HB 1860 Preventing homelessness among persons discharged from inpatient behavioral health settings.

  • HB 1866 Assisting persons receiving community support services through medical assistance programs to receive supportive housing.

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