NSP members join with Alex Lawson from Social Security Works at the Stop the Steal Medicare Rally at the Seattle Federal Building on Aug. 1, 2023.


  • Meeting and collaborating with people and organizations with similar vision and understanding is the gateway to achieving any of our goals.  

  • Unreasonable costs that lead to huge profits will continue unabated until our voices and knowledge become easy to hear and hard to ignore.  

  • Electing quality candidates with similar visions is one of our most important tasks.

  • Sharing our knowledge and vision with people in our communities is vital to bringing hope to our communities. 

  • Coalitions that we have helped to build and nourish in WA bring incredible gains in our understanding of issues we face in achieving equity in health and wellness.

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Health Care is a Human Right – Washington (HCHR – WA) is a coalition organized on the principle that:

“We, the people of Washington State, come together to secure the fundamental right to health care for all individuals. It is not a privilege or a commodity. We must act now to create a health care system that promotes public health and the general welfare through laws, policies, and financing guided and shaped by human rights principles.”

HCHR Member Organizations

Recent Victories

  • SB 5399 Concerning the creation of a universal health care commission.

Health Care is a Human Right Allies


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