Behavioral Health, Mental Health, and Substance Use Disorder are Linked


  • Behavioral health and physical health are interrelated.

  • Physical health problems significantly increase our risk of developing behavioral health problems, and vice versa.

  • Substance use disorder is a disease and can be managed and controlled with treatment.

  • Public messaging that encourages people to seek care is vital.

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Changing Response to Crisis


CRIS Committee Work (WA)

History: In 2021, the Washington State Legislature passed HB 1477, establishing the Crisis Response Improvement Strategy (CRIS) Committee and Steering Committee. These committees will develop recommendations to support implementation of the national 988 suicide prevention hotline and statewide improvement of behavioral health crisis response and suicide prevention services.

Recent Victories

Bills passed by the Washington 2023 Legislative Session:

  • HB 1724 Increasing Trained Behaviorial Health Work Force.

  • SB 5300 Continuity of Coverage for Behavioral Health Prescription Drugs

  • SB 5189 Establishing Behavioral Health Support Specialist

  • SB 5120 Establishing 23 Hour Crisis Relief Centers

  • SB 5440 Providing Timely Competency Evaluation and Restoration Services to Persons Suffering from Behavioral Health Disorders

  • SB 5555 Creating the Profession of Certified Peer Specialists

Federal Bills 2022

  • Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

  • Expansion of Mental Health Providers Covered Under Medicare

Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder Allies

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