Current Actions

Action Alerts

Click on the links for the full action script.

Current Actions as of March 20:

  1. Oppose the Kalama Pipeline.
  2. Oppose the reduction of funding for Puget Sound recovery: 1) Full information including contacts and supporting links; 2) Action Network link.

On March 12th our team has ranked these actions in priority order.

  1. Protect Wildlife in AK: Oppose SJ Res. 18   Passed by the Senate. Thanks to those who called on this.
  2. Support Clean Energy Transition Act, WA State HB 1646  (Click here for more details including the March 14 hearing in Olympia)
  3. Preserve Escalante National Monument
  4. WA State: Protect Blanchard Forest from Logging  (Click here for more detailed contact information)
  5. Stop the Sale of Elliot State Forest




Calls to Action – Week of February 27