Seeing things clearly

As these nightmarish Trumpian weeks unfold around us, with their daily parade of insults, lies, and abuses piling up around America’s ankles, an ugly picture is emerging.

It’s not just Trump being Trump. The man himself has no ideology or aims. He’s merely the mirror to our own worst impulses, dutifully reflecting America’s basest instincts: greed, lust, a seething bottomless pit of ego devouring itself.

Nor is it just Trump’s Cabinet of Doom. These men are today’s robber barons, loosed now into the halls of governance to ride roughshod over our puny little laws, not to lead but to destroy.

And it’s not just the Red Congress, heaped high with ignorant, barely literate Tea Party imbeciles, freed from all restraint, no longer hobbled by any pretense of ethics, justice, or balance.

It’s all of the above, and more: something deeper, going back fifty years to the days when America began to reshape itself in the 1960s and 1970s, when we woke up from the post-war Eisenhower dream and realized we needed to change, to be better than we were. That meant saying no to some people who were used to being in charge. People don’t give up privilege willingly. They didn’t like it one bit, not then and not now.

Some of these men have been waiting for this moment ever since the Voting Rights Act of 1965, when they lost the ability to steal elections.

Every day since then, they have stewed in their anger. They have bitterly resented having to restrain their rape and pillage of America’s natural resources. They were furious that they had to find ways to stop poisoning workers or to dispose of their waste safely. They’ve fumed over every concession made to every union. When their industries have suffered, they blamed the government rather than their greedy CEOs.

They’ve felt justified in cheating every dollar they could get as payback for all the obstacles posed by government regulation and oversight. They’ve deflected blame and demonized government for decades. They turned the word “environmentalist” into a slur and to them a public servant is a tool or a freeloader.

All these years, they have resented every law passed to protect the vulnerable and to provide equal treatment under the law, whether it was funding girls’ sports in schools or equal access for the disabled. They are sick and tired of hearing about rights of rape victims or sexual harassment in the workplace. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Boys will be boys. Get over it.

They’ve tolerated minorities because they’ve had to, but once the coast is clear, they don’t even bother to hide their racism anymore. No, they don’t mind having some minorities around as long as they know their place. And don’t steal the good jobs.

Teachers are lazy and public schools are a huge waste of money. America is a Christian nation and they’re tired of having to hear about Jews and Muslims. Who cares, right?

These predators have been watching for years, waiting for the day when they could stop pretending to care about the common good. They glorify the good old days when the privileged captains of industry could brag openly, without fear of consequences or reprisals, when nobody put the brakes on their money-making schemes. They reminisce fondly about the days when they could operate openly with their dangerous work sites, doing nothing for injured workers, selling poisoned food to hungry people, hiring thugs to beat up union leaders.

These are the men now at work in Trump’s cabinet and our Congress. They’ve waited a long time for this opportunity and they’re not going to wait around for a mandate or permission or even approval.

This is our punishment for having elected Obama. Twice. In every possible case, these men will destroy anything Obama advocated, whether it works or not, whether it was good or not. On principle.

But it’s not just that. We’re being punished for having created obstacles to their greed. We are being punished for having dared to put the brakes on the angry white men with the power and the money.

This is Bannon’s agenda. When he declared he is working to deconstruct the administrative state, this is what he means. No more EPA, no more protecting the environment, no more wildlife, no more public schools, no more protections for minorities. No access to affordable health care. No more unions. A dog-eat-dog world where nobody wins except the rich and powerful.

Since Bannon’s vision falls in line very nicely with the agenda of these heartless, soulless men, they will happily partner up with the white supremacist and his finger puppet in the White House.

A lot of Trump voters thought they were voting for more jobs, but in fact, this is what they got instead. Surprise!

Now if this wasn’t what you signed up for when you voted for these horsemen of the apocalypse, you have one chance to make it right. Join with the rest of us now and see if we can stop this trainwreck before it’s too late.

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  1. Excellent essay. We absolutely must enlist as many as possible to brake and stop this hell-bent train.

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