Among other duties our Secretary of State is responsible for managing voter education, ballot access, and elections throughout the state. Recognizing the power that this office holds over election access and integrity the Republican party has targeted such offices nationwide in a transparent campaign to manipulate our future elections.

Steve Hobbs, a moderate Democrat, was appointed to serve the unexpired term of Republican Kim Wyman (Wyman accepted a position in the Biden administration). Hobbs is running for election to the balance of this term and it is essential that he finish among the “top 2” in the August primary. Hobbs’ most likely general election opponent will be Julie Anderson, the Pierce County Auditor (a nonpartisan position). Anderson is running as a “nonpartisan” candidate but she has strong ties with local Republican activists along with some support among Pierce County democrats.

Our Indivisible Tacoma colleagues have developed an background article discussing Hobbs and Anderson; please review this before you vote: Indivisible Tacoma Secretary of State 2022