Let’s Organize!

Before the 2016 election we were thoughtful voters.

Now, with democracy itself still hanging in the balance, we’re political activists.

If you’re like us and want to stand up for democracy, welcome.

Our wide-ranging interests range from ensuring free and fair elections to universal healthcare to reducing carbon emissions, from tax reform to criminal justice reform to ensuring a path to citizenship for DACA recipients and more. We recognize that the only path for achieving our long-term goals is to preserve democracy and the rule of law by electing excellent representatives to local and national offices.

Come to our meetings! We have a 1-hour general meeting, then break into subgroups by interest area (such as Health and Wellness and Local Elections).

Sign up for our mailing list. We’ll send occasional emails (about once each week) to keep you up to date about meetings and upcoming actions.


Go to our Take Action page, pick an action and get started!

Go to our Calendar page and plan for the next week or month!

At GovTrack, you can find the names and contact information for your Members of Congress (along with all Congressional Representatives and Senators) along with their subcommittees. It also lists all current legislation (if you’re just getting started check their “hot bills”!).

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