Creating a call to action requires some work and research, but it is not difficult. Once your subgroup has identified and researched a topic or bill, the Admin team needs a few pieces of information in order to share an action with the entire group.

We need paragraph or two of background info. This will be the first thing that an activist reads when they start to perform the action. Try to include the “5 W’s”: who, what, where, when, why.

  • Who are we petitioning? Please include their title and relevant information. ActionNetwork allows us to quickly and easily send emails to members of congress as well as state legislators. If the target is anyone other than a legislator, we need a valid email.
  • What is the issue we are petitioning about? This, along with the “Why” will compose the bulk of the Call to Action. We need a paragraph that explains and condenses what the content of the bill or call to action is. Remember that this will be read by many people who are not familiar with the issue at hand. It should be a 101 level explanation. This will be copied and pasted directly to ActionNetwork.
  • Where is the Action? We need to know if this action is for Washington state, national, city or county, or other. The reason that this is important is because most members of congress do not listen to people that are not constituents. Therefore, we need to clearly identify ourselves if we are acting in support of another state or city, and explain why this is important to us as a non-constituent.
  • When does this action need to be completed? Is this an ongoing action, is it urgent or time sensitive? Urgent or time sensitive items will be given priority in the weekly emails.
  • Why is this item important? This, along with “What” will compose the bulk of your email. We need a paragraph that explains why this action is important and why we care about the issue. Again, please remember that many people will not be familiar with the issue, and this should be a simple, clear, concise explanation.

Any relevant links or additional background info should be included as well.

Include 4-5 talking points for people who choose to share a personal story or write their own email to their Representative. Personal stories are very powerful and are particularly encouraged. It helps to have concrete data and facts to back up any stories. Include sources when relevant.

A short sentence to say thank you should be included. If there are any follow up actions or relevant next steps, please include them here.

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