Reclaim Our Vote is writing to about 1.2 million voters in Florida!

We are again focusing on our #1 campaign:  getting out the vote in the state of Florida. The Center for Common Ground (Reclaim Our Vote) has identified about 1.2 million registered but historically low-frequency Black voters in Florida.  Many are voters who live in smaller, rural counties that are not routinely contacted by other Get Out the Vote organizations.

Florida voters are even at risk of being de-registered if they miss two federal elections. We are among the many writers for Reclaim Our Vote who are reaching out to all of those 1.2 million registered voters. We are urging early voting and bringing ID to avoid Election Day challenges and intimidation at the polls.

As with some other campaigns we will write the Florida postcards now and hold the cards for mailing on August 1.  This gives us a few more weeks of working with others across the country to complete our share of 1,500 cards.

Click the Button to request postcards in batches of 10.  PLEASE note: GOTV Florida in the Subject.

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