Supporting PA CD-17 Supports Democracy

Support Chris Deluzio running for Congress in CD-17 just west of  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is so important to hold on to every House seat in the battleground state of Pennsylvania this November. By defending Democracy in 2022 we are defending Democracy in 2024.

Chris Deluzio is a voting rights attorney. He won’t shy from a fight with those on the radical right who would attack our freedoms and throw out our elections in exchange for power.

The script of his postcard sends a pro choice message: “Republicans are pushing a bill to enact a nationwide ban on abortions and some types of birth control. Democrat Chris Deluzio agrees with you: women must have the right to make decisions about their own bodies. Elect Deluzio to Congress, a strong advocate for choice in western PA.”

Request Postcards in Packs of 10 by clicking the link below.  Please Put Chris Deluzio PA in the subject.

Request Postcards in Batches of 10