Follow the Money Machine

I think I know exactly what they don’t want us to see. What is so mysterious that we all wonder what ties could there possibly be to Russia? What abomination could have corrupted our national purity? Could it be that we just do not get it yet, that the machine that drives corruption there is the same machine as here, the same as in Africa and the Middle East, in Latin America and Asia and Europe, the same that invested in Nazi Germany’s war, modern decades of empire building and violent regime change, the same that foments chaos everywhere to justify going in to squelch it, and then contracts out the appearance of fixing the destruction it caused? When will we recognize this insidious heist pulled over and over again, that hides behind business as usual, with government complicity?

Under our noses, as citizens dutifully question collusion of top government officials, corporate giants Bayer and Monsanto, Dow and DuPont, plan mergers to totally take over our food supply, we’re talking globally. Note the alarm sounding one of many predicted side effects; with these mergers we will see the certain demise of the already depleted worldwide populations of bees plus attendant devastations of our whole ecology as we know it, global ecology.

Eisenhower saw the machine, Bernie Sanders sees it, Oliver Stone wrote a twelve-part series on it. Certainly Noam Chomsky and Rachel Carson, Chris Hedges and Cornel West and countless others have tried to educate us. US corporations invested in Germany in WWII: Ford, General Motors, DuPont, IBM, Pfizer, Standard Oil, Wall Street. While we are worrying about Trump’s hotels, luncheons, and personal dossiers, do we notice which multinational corporate deals are currently on the table?

We shouldn’t need to be reminded that pipeline, fracking, mining, chemical, pharma, insurance, prison, and weapons industries don’t thrive only within the purview of one political party; clearly their agendas cross the isle as often as possible. The parties are in collusion to the extent that money can be made, favors granted and objectives obscured. Candidates on both sides are funded by the same corporations that drive the destruction we protest.

The machine rides roughshod over all concerns about civil justice and sustainability. It cares nothing about us, our wetlands, forest or coral reef habitats, disabilities or gender crises, culture or arts, health or seniors or kids, wolf pups, monarchs or bees. It uses religion and race, division and chaos, consumerism, poverty and fear to distract us while it takes what it wants, erases opposition, writes its next war narrative, contracts the weapons and taxes the poor to pay for it.

Beware that the politics tend to obscure the deals going down.

(Note – This post originally appeared on the blog US Remake is being republished here with permission from the author, Lael White)