Current Actions

Hello, NSP!

Calls to action for you to consider. Please set an hour aside this week to stand up and fight back.

Redistricting Legislation: HB 2575 – 2019-20

Concerning reforms to increase transparency and accountability of the Washington redistricting commission.

Sponsors:  PellicciottiRyuTarletonOrwallDolanJohnson, J.Pollet


The bill passed the House 57-41 on party lines. We now move the Senate. 

1)Senate State Gov Ctte hearing is on Weds 26th at 8:00am in Olympia. We need anyone who can be there to come and sign in PRO for 2575. 

2) They need as many people as possible to send in the action alert. HERE:

Please send in this pre-filled out form and then get 5 more people to send it in.

3) They need people from the 10th, 12th and 25th districts to testify and send in the action alert.  If you are in these districts or know someone in these districts – let Liz know or email

Thank you for making yourself heard!