New Initiative from Indivisible Guide

Big News

Indivisible HQ is rolling out in-person Indivisible Regional Institutes and training for local groups this fall! (All of us who have been trying to coordinate between and among groups, we don’t have to re-invent the wheel – they are providing the wheel for us.) Here’s the email they sent today.

You know we don’t send a lot of fundraising emails. That’s not our style. But we are just so seriously jazzed up about this new initiative, and we need your help to make it happen. Get excited with us.

We’ve heard directly from you and members of the 6,000 local Indivisible groups that you need more support: advanced organizing skills, improved coordination with other groups, and space to plan and strategize. Our core strategy is investing in local leadership to realize the potential of the Indivisible movement. So with your support, this is what we’re going to do: Continue reading “New Initiative from Indivisible Guide”

Health insurance hostages

It’s almost like there was a long-term strategy in Big Pharma to spend the last few decades focusing on preventative medicine, often relying on drugs — because everybody I know has a pre-existing condition. Fifty years ago, you’d discover your heart disease when you died at age 50. Now we take the drugs and get to live. Yay!

So we’ve got to have health insurance. Try buying that stuff out of pocket – forget it! Maybe the Wall Street billionaires can afford that, but we sure can’t.

We live longer than our parents, but there’s a price for it. We’re enslaved by this system, where people’s lives are ruined, where people die, where our government serves their interests, where the entire medical-care infrastructure has been co-opted by profit gollums.

We participate in this system by allowing it to continue.