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Big News

Indivisible HQ is rolling out in-person Indivisible Regional Institutes and training for local groups this fall! (All of us who have been trying to coordinate between and among groups, we don’t have to re-invent the wheel – they are providing the wheel for us.) Here’s the email they sent today.

You know we don’t send a lot of fundraising emails. That’s not our style. But we are just so seriously jazzed up about this new initiative, and we need your help to make it happen. Get excited with us.

We’ve heard directly from you and members of the 6,000 local Indivisible groups that you need more support: advanced organizing skills, improved coordination with other groups, and space to plan and strategize. Our core strategy is investing in local leadership to realize the potential of the Indivisible movement. So with your support, this is what we’re going to do: Continue reading “New Initiative from Indivisible Guide”

Internet Security Tips for Activists

Indivisible members, this resource is being shared anonymously for our mutual information and protection. It is written by one of our members who invites us to share freely with other groups and individuals as needed.

In what follows, I differentiate between “casual” attacks and “directed” attacks. A casual attack is when you and a million other people receive malware via email, or are swept into a data theft from someone’s mailing list. A directed attack is when someone is attempting to gain access to your information, personally, either because of who you are or because of an organization you’re affiliated with.

There is some overlap, and so some of the same precautions apply to both.

Continue reading “Internet Security Tips for Activists”

Health insurance hostages

It’s almost like there was a long-term strategy in Big Pharma to spend the last few decades focusing on preventative medicine, often relying on drugs — because everybody I know has a pre-existing condition. Fifty years ago, you’d discover your heart disease when you died at age 50. Now we take the drugs and get to live. Yay!

So we’ve got to have health insurance. Try buying that stuff out of pocket – forget it! Maybe the Wall Street billionaires can afford that, but we sure can’t.

We live longer than our parents, but there’s a price for it. We’re enslaved by this system, where people’s lives are ruined, where people die, where our government serves their interests, where the entire medical-care infrastructure has been co-opted by profit gollums.

We participate in this system by allowing it to continue.

Meet some illegal immigrants

Some years ago, I tutored students at a local community college, usually non-native speakers of English who needed help with language. There I became acquainted with Sed and Ganet, two young people who’d come to America illegally. In the course of our classwork, I learned a bit about how they came to be here. I’d like to share that with you. Continue reading “Meet some illegal immigrants”

The Revolution Will Be Harmonized

Columbia City Theater and the Grand Daddy Purple present

The Revolution Will Be Harmonized
with Kore Ionz, Whitney Monge and Cameron Lavi-Jones

A Benefit for Indivisible Guide

Fri, Mar 31 at 7pm * 21+

For Suggested Donation of $20.00 ($22.23 with fees)
Click here to buy Tickets at $20 each

For Suggested Donation of $50.00 ($54.09 with fees)
Click here to buy Tickets at $50 each

The Columbia City Theater in partnership with The GrandDaddy Purple are proud to announce the second in a ongoing concert series. Continue reading “The Revolution Will Be Harmonized”

Seeing things clearly: How did this happen?

As the stories come tumbling out now about Russian interference in our election process, we’re all experiencing the simultaneous relief and horror of knowing it was not our imagination. Yes, something truly terrible happened to our country in November 2016.

It can’t be said enough: We need to understand how this came to pass, so we can learn from our mistakes and make sure it can never happen again. We have to untangle this ugly snarl and backtrack this trail of treason to its source, wherever it goes. Many factors worked together to put this dangerous man in the White House; we have to understand each and every one. Continue reading “Seeing things clearly: How did this happen?”

My Abortion Story : Unremarkable

My name is Brenda DeJardin and I had an Abortion 1991 at the age of 26. My abortion story isn’t sensational or unusual in any way and I believe most stories are not.

It starts as a mistake

I lived in Eau Claire, WI. (pop 60,000) and was going to college as well as working part-time. I met a man, had a sexual relationship with him and accidentally got pregnant. Yes, I was surprised by this because I had successfully NOT been pregnant and had been sexually active since my teens. Continue reading “My Abortion Story : Unremarkable”

Follow the Money Machine

I think I know exactly what they don’t want us to see. What is so mysterious that we all wonder what ties could there possibly be to Russia? What abomination could have corrupted our national purity? Could it be that we just do not get it yet, that the machine that drives corruption there is the same machine as here, the same as in Africa and the Middle East, in Latin America and Asia and Europe, the same that invested in Nazi Germany’s war, modern decades of empire building and violent regime change, the same that foments chaos everywhere to justify going in to squelch it, and then contracts out the appearance of fixing the destruction it caused? When will we recognize this insidious heist pulled over and over again, that hides behind business as usual, with government complicity?

Under our noses, as citizens dutifully question collusion of top government officials, corporate giants Bayer and Monsanto, Dow and DuPont, plan mergers to totally take over our food supply, we’re talking globally. Note the alarm sounding one of many predicted side effects; with these mergers we will see the certain demise of the already depleted worldwide populations of bees plus attendant devastations of our whole ecology as we know it, global ecology. Continue reading “Follow the Money Machine”

Seeing things clearly

As these nightmarish Trumpian weeks unfold around us, with their daily parade of insults, lies, and abuses piling up around America’s ankles, an ugly picture is emerging.

It’s not just Trump being Trump. The man himself has no ideology or aims. He’s merely the mirror to our own worst impulses, dutifully reflecting America’s basest instincts: greed, lust, a seething bottomless pit of ego devouring itself. Continue reading “Seeing things clearly”