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Neighbors In Action

NSP is an all-volunteer, democratically organized community of friends and neighbors who are committed to political and social activism. Our members team up and collaborate to address areas of collective interest.”

As a volunteer organization, NSP is no more and no less than its membership. Please join with us to learn, organize, and take action!

Our public actions posted on this website. We also meet regularly online and engage in members-only actions. Our Community Agreement applies to all of our sponsored activities.

To view our members-only calendar and join in our website discussions, or join our private Facebook pages you will need to join our organization and attend at least one meeting (either in person or via Zoom). Guests are always welcome at our meetings.

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NSP Mission Statement

“We are a grassroots community-based, all-volunteer organization. We support political policies that promote tolerance, equity, civil liberties, health justice, a healthy environment and climate, and social and economic justice for all. We believe in the ability of an educated and informed electorate to make sound decisions democratically. We oppose unjust political policies based on exclusion, bigotry, inequality, hate, lies, and fear. We oppose all racist, sexist, fascist, and totalitarian policies in our society. We recognize that white supremacy is toxic to our community and we stand against individuals and groups that tolerate or promote white supremacy. We promote progressive values within our community and at all levels of government.

The bedrock of NSP is our hands-on, boots-on-the-ground activism. We put our principles into action to support policies that promote participatory democracy and social and environmental justice. We work to learn from and support marginalized individuals and communities, and amplify their voices.

In addition, we work to identify and repair damage caused by racism, nationalism, religious intolerance, economic injustice, and economic disparities, in order to create a more perfect union and a democratic government of, by, and for the people.” 

We’re Here To Make a Difference

Through Education, Organizing and Action

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How We Work

Member Led, Democratically Organized

Our members are our organization and decide everything about our organization (from our Bylaws and Community Agreement through all of our actions) through democratic process. Our core strength lies in our teams, where members self-organize to determine the most pressing issues where their participation can effectively and meaningfully change the world.

We we hold weekly membership meetings during the legislative session and monthly meetings throughout the year. Our teams may also meet outside of our general meetings to plan or take action. Most general membership meetings will be held online. During January 7- March 3 2024 our general membership meetings will be held weekly on Sundays (except holidays) from 3-5 pm (see our calendar). Starting March 3 2024 we will move to monthly meetings. Please join us to learn more about our teams, to receive links for online meetings and locations of in-person meetings, and to learn about more NSP and NSP-supported events.

Our Organizing Approach

As a volunteer organization, NSP is no more and no less than its membership. NSP benefits from having active members who collaborate through Teams to address areas of collective interest. Our “Teams” are groups of three or more members who meet regularly to achieve an agreed NSP member goal. New teams are created whenever three or more members create the team. Our teams choose all of our NSP actions and events, and our members are encouraged (but not required) to support these actions and events. Check our Team pages and events to learn more! 

The NSP Organizing Team (OT) consists of four members who are elected to term-limited positions (lead organizer, assistant lead organizer, secretary, and treasurer), representatives from all active teams, and at-large representatives. The OT serves NSP by coordinating logistics, facilitating general membership meetings, managing the NSP social media platforms, arranging meeting spaces, ensuring the availability of a suitable online meeting platform, tracking donations, serving as a point of contact for other organizations, and other tasks that support the work of our general membership and the member-set agenda. The OT strives to create open, safe communication venues, both in person and online, to hear members’ needs and priorities and be guided by them. The OT meets monthly and reports back to the membership after each meeting. OT meetings are open to all members.” 

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