Calls to Action for the Week – Feb 27

Call to Action

Hello, Indivisibles!

We have several calls to action for you to consider this week. Please set an hour aside to stand up and fight back.

Thank you for making yourself heard!

Tell Your Representatives to Support H.R.804

Oppose Steve Bannon
Oppose Steve Bannon

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In January, Donald Trump signed a presidential memorandum giving the white nationalist and political operator Steve Bannon a full seat on the “principals committee” of the National Security Council. At the same time, Trump removed the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) as regular attendees.

H.R.804 – Protect the National Security Council From Political Interference Act of 2017

This bill amends the National Security Act of 1947 to prohibit the President from designating any individual whose primary or predominant responsibility is political in nature to serve as a member of the National Security Council (NSC) or to regularly attend or participate in NSC meetings or meetings convened under the auspices of the NSC, including Principals Committee meetings. Organized under presidential memorandum, the Principals Committee is a cabinet-level senior interagency forum chaired by the National Security Advisor or the Homeland Security Advisor to consider policies that affect U.S. national security interests.

Black Lives Matter March for Freedom

March for Freedom
March for Freedom

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Support Black Lives Matter at this march, which is the first of their two spring marches. Their description is:

#BlackLivesMatter– We having nothing to lose but our Chains

People of color and Black people have been oppressed and suppressed by
white privilege and white supremacy. We have nothing to lose but our
chains of oppression from last 300 years+ even as we have a white
nationalist president sitting in the White House. So it time to march
for Freedom and say our brother and sisters of color can no longer be
oppressed and suppressed and as we lose our chains in unity. We say “We
are free FOREVER”

Let’s end racism,white privilege and white supremacy.

Sign up for the march on their Facebook page –

Oppose HR 610, a bill designed to push school privatization

NPE Privatization Alert
NPE Privatization Alert

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Please let your Congressional Representatives know that you strongly oppose HR 610. This bill would reduce funding to public schools while demanding that school vouchers be allowed for states to receive funding. It would also reduce the nutritional quality of school lunches. Public dollars should go to public schools. HR 610 is an underhanded attempt to push school privatization. You can read a summary here.

Stop the Sale of Elliot State Forest

No Compromise on Native Forests
No Compromise on Native Forests

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The Oregon State Land Board voted to sell the Elliott State Forest to a Roseburg timber company on Tuesday 2/21, but the decision isn’t quite final.

The board voted 2-1 to proceed with the sale to a partnership of Lone Rock Timber Company and the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians.

In a vote that surprised many interested parties, Oregon State Treasurer Tobias Read, a Democrat, voted with Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, a Republican, to move forward with the sale. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown opposed.

However, the sale of the 82,500-acre forest near Coos Bay won’t be finalized until a meeting on April 11. Brown directed the state land board to come up with an option to keep forest publicly owned.

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