Looking for Volunteers

As our Indivisible Movement takes shape, we will have need of volunteers with certain skill sets. Today, thousands of pages of Scott Pruitt’s emails during his tenure as Attorney General were released. We are putting together a team of volunteers to read through these emails. Please contact us if you would like to assist this effort. We have special need of those with Law background, investigative skills, and data science/analytic skills.

Additionally, in the future, artists are needed to help with protest signs. Graphic designers are needed to help with banners and flyers. Anyone with experience in public speaking and/or media relations would be helpful. Photographers and those with Video or YouTube expertise can help us spread the truth and combat propaganda. Writers are needed to help with blog posts and write letters to the editor.

We have recently found out that grassroots efforts have sprouted in Reddit, Meetup and LinkedIn. We will need volunteers to act a liaison on these platforms. We are also looking for volunteers for Tumblr, Snapchat, and Instagram accounts.

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