BREAKING: Call Monday – your Representative should support HR111

We received this update via Indivisible Guide mailing list.

A vote on Tuesday re Trump’s corruption. On Tuesday morning, the House Judiciary Committee will vote on a resolution requiring Attorney General Jeff Sessions to release documents related to corruption by Trump or his cronies, including ties to foreign governments. This is not a partisan issue; it’s about the integrity of the Oval Office and of our democracy. Yet, only 67 MoCs have co-sponsored.  (Rep. Jayapal, Rep. Adam Smith, and Rep. Rick Larsen are current co-sponsors.) Call your MoC today (Monday) and ask them to co-sponsor H.Res. 111—see this script.

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Calls to Action for the Week – Feb 27

Hello, Indivisibles!

We have several calls to action for you to consider this week. Please set an hour aside to stand up and fight back.

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Roots for resistance

Let’s examine the lowly root. Roots anchor. Roots collect and store nutrients. Roots sustain. Roots are the unseen masses, without which even the most stately trees cannot thrive.

It’s time for progressives to put down roots. Voter registration and empowerment are an important start. Interstate Crosscheck has got to go (see also Project Vote and The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. ) Vote by mail needs boosting, and the electorate must demand examination of The United States voting process. The meta issue, however, is choice: Who can the newly registered and reinstated turn to for just and responsive representation?

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Today is the day to subscribe to a newspaper. Or two.

Today’s banishment of several major news organizations from the White House press conference is yet another step on the ladder of authoritarianism. If you don’t subscribe to a good newspaper, now is the time to do it. Put your money where your mouth is.

In the nightmarish days after 45’s election, one of the first things I did (once I pulled myself together) was to subscribe to the New York Times and the Washington Post. I also subscribed to the Seattle Times. I’d let my subscription to the Times lapse sometime after GW took office, and over the years since then I was content to glean what I could from various websites online. But after the election, I was constantly exhausting my quota of free articles on these websites, so I coughed up the money and became a legit digital subscriber. I can tell you: it’s worth every penny.
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The Week in Politics – February 23rd

Keeping Up With Politics Can Be Tough

Since Trump’s inauguration, it has been more difficult than usual to keep up with politics. Usually, before I even wake up, Trump has done something crazy. As the judge in the SNL People’s Court said, “You’re doing too much! I want one day without a CNN alert that scares the hell of me!”

We’re Here to Help

So we decided that a weekly column summarizing what happened during the week was in order. We’ll follow all the stories and then bring the week’s events to you in condensed form. So without further ado, here it is: Continue reading “The Week in Politics – February 23rd”

5th General Meeting this Sunday

CORRECTION: Location is Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Senior Center.

We need to show Congress that there is broad resistance to Trump’s agenda. Join us this Sunday at the Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Senior Center where you can help plan Congressional office visits, coordinate phone calls, and more. Continue reading “5th General Meeting this Sunday”

Looking for Volunteers

As our Indivisible Movement takes shape, we will have need of volunteers with certain skill sets. Today, thousands of pages of Scott Pruitt’s emails during his tenure as Attorney General were released. We are putting together a team of volunteers to read through these emails. Please contact us if you would like to assist this effort. We have special need of those with Law background, investigative skills, and data science/analytic skills.

Additionally, in the future, artists are needed to help with protest signs. Graphic designers are needed to help with banners and flyers. Anyone with experience in public speaking and/or media relations would be helpful. Photographers and those with Video or YouTube expertise can help us spread the truth and combat propaganda. Writers are needed to help with blog posts and write letters to the editor.

We have recently found out that grassroots efforts have sprouted in Reddit, Meetup and LinkedIn. We will need volunteers to act a liaison on these platforms. We are also looking for volunteers for Tumblr, Snapchat, and Instagram accounts.

Join Our Constituent Led Town Hall

IMPORTANT: EVENT HAS BEEN MOVED TO SEATTLE UNITY CHURCH in order to accommodate larger audience! Please share this update to help get word out. Thank you!

Multiple Indivisible groups are joining forces to host a Constituent Organized Town Hall for Senator Patty Murray and Senator Maria Cantwell.

We are living in a much different world than we were just a short time ago. This time in history will be defined by those brave enough to stand up for what we know is right, no matter the costs. That goes for you, me, and our elected representatives. This time is too important for us not to have access to our Senators.

Currently, both Senators Murray and Cantwell do not have town halls scheduled in Washington State, where they can meet with and hear the concerns of their constituents. Indivisible Groups in Washington State are working together to provide the platform for our Senators to engage in meaningful dialogue with the people of their state — all they have to do is show up. Continue reading “Join Our Constituent Led Town Hall”

Actions for the Week – Happy Not My President's Day!

Happy Monday, Indivisibles, and Happy Not My President’s Day!

We are preparing for Town Hall and there is a great deal of information for you this week.

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